it was memorial day weekend and both bridget and i had to work. me in connecticut, obviously, and her back in maryland. the thing about it though, is that seemingly everyone else in our circle of friends was off. and not only were they off, but they were vacationing in extravagant places, and enjoying warm weather, and grilling, and eating good. still working a new job, i wasn’t really all that concerned about being at work. bridget, on the other hand, felt stuck. and to make the situation worst, the few hundred miles between her and her best friend (me) made the holiday tougher. i could hear it in her tone, demeanor, and attitude towards me that weekend. so, i flew home to bowie on my next day off, which was monday. 

it worked out because we both happened to be off monday and tuesday. i caught the earliest flight, at 6:45 am, just five hours after leaving work sunday night. bridget picked me up from dulles around 7:30, and we enjoyed a nice “holiday” break together. the trip was even more enjoyable because i got to see my family.

my dad hooked up some ribs on the grill and bridget and i scooped up some crab legs for a nice meal monday evening. a bottle of jameson capped the night off, doing the damage it was meant to do. after recovering the next morning, bridget and i took my niece, bella, to the beach at sandy point. we intended to go to ocean city, but the weather forecast in that area was grim. for the girls, the beach was an enjoyable getaway. for me, the beach was like going to rehab. walking in sand has never been more difficult. it felt like i was inflicting more damage on my injured leg with each step. i didn’t even get in the water. then, the downer of the trip happened when a 7-year-old boy went missing. lifeguards cleared the water before gathering participants to create a rescue line. people interlocked arms and walked across the water to search for a body that was never found. i’m still not sure whether they found him. the situation felt similar to the previous week’s biggest news of the child that got stuck in the gorilla pit. where were the parents?

on that final night, my mom finally grew tired of watching me limp around, and purchased/forced crutches upon me. ironically, the next morning, my leg felt as good as it had since the injury. i left md feeling refreshed and fulfilled. the trip was really just an opportunity to show bridget how close we actually are, and that i’m never too far away. it was important to make that point just a week after she left ct, because it showed her i’m just as willing to travel to see her as she is to see me. it’s not a one way thing. that being said, we can’t afford to travel to see one another every week. now, it’s all about perseverance.


Author: Prince J. Grimes

BottomLine Editor at ESPN. Former sports writer for Southern Maryland Newspapers and the Gazette newspapers. Graduate of North Carolina A&T State University. Hip-Hop was my first love.

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