can i live?

for the first time in the nearly five months i’ve been in connecticut, bridget made the trip north from maryland. she stayed with me from wednesday to sunday. one of the underlying themes of our relationship, embraced by her and rejected by me, is the notion that i need her to take care of me. she believes i need her to remind me of important dates and times, wash and fold my clothes, cook my food, scratch my back, draw my bath… you get the point. the truth is, she does make my life simpler, and i do need her to an extent, but i’m more than capable of taking care of myself. i think she forgets there was another 26 years of my life before the three we’ve shared.

so, when i ask the question, “can i live?” it’s less jay-z’s plead for understanding and more a rhetorical question. bridget had a chance to see for herself that i’m doing ok. that being said, she still cleaned things i thought was already clean, stocked my refrigerator and cabinets to the max, and booked my next flight to dc. can i live? yea, but she makes sure life is a lot better with her around.

out of the four weeks i’ve been in ct, the one i spent with her was probably the best. we didn’t do anything out of the normal from what we used to do. we went to brunch, we shopped, we cooked together, we ate out, we went to bars, we drank, we laughed, we slept in the same bed, and we enjoyed each other’s company. all the while, i went to work every single day she was here. it still felt like a mini vacation, a break from what’s becoming the norm for me. she teared up when it was finally time for me to take her to the airport on sunday, and we had to rush because i had to go to work after dropping her off. it was quite the anti-climatic ending to a great week, and when i got home from work that night, at 1:30 am, i was alone again.

what i have to look forward to is the day she moves up here permanently, sometime after i put a ring on it. we aren’t rushing the process, but it feels good to have someone who genuinely cares about you and your well being that much. i appreciate and love bridget for that and will always take care of her.


Author: Prince J. Grimes

BottomLine Editor at ESPN. Former sports writer for Southern Maryland Newspapers and the Gazette newspapers. Graduate of North Carolina A&T State University. Hip-Hop was my first love.

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